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Social Networking in FSD

Hi all,

A number of you have asked me for some true social networking tools such as personal learning portfolios, blogging, personal web page development, file sharing, and social bookmarking.

MyNet is a tool that does all of this. It is driven not by a classroom model – such as our learning management system (Moodle) uses, but instead by a user profile model – like facebook and mynet use. For example a student could choose to populate their personal dashboard with the tools that they want to use:

and then share their content with others that they’ve identified as friends. Most importantly as this is an in house server, ONLY Foothills School Division staff and students can become friends. Also, as students use their FSD logins to access the server (as they do with moodle) their content is always attached to their name.

MyNet is a true social network. That means that all content – whether pictures, files, bookmarks, blogs, etc – is a conversation. Every object visible to your friends includes a comment box for your friends to give feedback. This makes it very powerful as a portfolio tool.

If you would like to learn more, please feel free to contact me.



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Creating Moodle Quizes in your favorite Text Editor

The Moodle quiz module can be a powerful tool for providing students with fast formative feedback. Did you know however that questions don’t have to be created in Moodle? You can import directly from your favorite text editor.  For example, the text:

can be imported directly into Moodle as an “Aiken” file to become:

I’ve recorded a two part tutorial on how to do it. Here are the links:


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Embedding your favorite links easily in Moodle

Hi all!

One common use of Moodle is to share your favorite links with your students. Unfortunately to do this can be a bit of a chore. First you need to login and switch on editing, find a space, add a resource, fill out the form, etc.

THERE IS AN EASIER WAY is a social bookmarking tool (Click here for a good description of what social bookmarking is). With Delicious you can bookmark your favorite sites as you find them and automatically share them with your friends. Using Moodle however, you can embed these bookmarks directly into your site.

The process now becomes:
1) Visit the site you want to share with your students.
2) Click the “tag” button in your browser.
3) Provide some meaningful tags (search terms).
4) Press save

The next time Moodle synchronizes, your bookmarks will automatically be updated. (You don’t even need to login).  I use this process with our Mathematics moodle.  Here’s what the bar looks like:

Here are two screencasts to help you set this up:
1) An overview of Social Bookmarking
2) How to link Delicious with your Moodle

Also, you may want to check out:
2) Bookmarking in Plain English

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