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The power of 1 – Private discussion with teacher in Moodle.

Hi all,
One clever use of the groups feature that I read about recently is to set up a private discussion that only the teacher and student can view. This is an excellent place for the student to ask for help, engage in a revision cycle or even keep a journal. Setting this up can be done with very little pain:

1) Create a group of 1 for each of your students. To do this:

  • From the admin panel choose “Groups”
  • Click the button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Complete the form as follows:
  • Pressing submit will create a separate group for each of your students. Because you specified Members per group as “1”, each student will be alone in their group. The groups will be called “Discussion with Teacher A”, “Discussion with Teacher B”, etc.

2) Create the discussion

  • As with any discussion, turn editing on and choose “Forum” from one of the “Activities” drop downs.
  • Complete the form as you normally would, however when you get to the bottom of the screen select “Separate Groups” in the “Common Module Settings”:

That’s it. Now, when the student enters the discussion he or she will only be able to post to the teacher. Note: If you are already using groups in Moodle, your students will each now belong to more than one group. If this is the case, a drop down will appear in the top left of the discussion. Have the student select “Discussion with Teacher” from this box before posting.

Let me know if you have questions – or other ideas for this feature…

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