Templating your Moodle

April 14, 2011 at 9:56 pm Leave a comment

Recently I’ve had questions regarding “how do I create a template of my moodle course to share with another teacher?”

There are actually two answers to this question:

1. Create a backup file without user data.

  • Click Backup on the admin panel of the course you want to template.
    • Make sure that “include user data” is set to none.
    • Make sure all role assignments are unchecked.
    • Press continue on each screen until the backup file is displayed and save it.
  • Hand the saved file to the teacher you are passing the template to and have them restore it into their class:
    • Make sure your new course has the same number of topics as the template.
    • Click restore from the administration panel.
    • Upload your backup file and press the Restore link to the right of it.

2. Import from a shared class.

  • Make the colleague you are sharing with a teacher of your class.
  • Within your colleague’s new class have them:
    • Make sure their course hase the same number of topics as yours.
    • Choose import from the Admin panel
    • Select the course you want to copy
    • Click Continue until you’re done.

Here’s a short youtube video demonstrating both methods:


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